The Moving Giants
Written by Gean Brinker
Removal Manager

The giants in yellow shirts came and took away everything – the fridge was one of the first things to go. We had no idea what to do anymore – all of the cheese had gone. The next best thing was the scraps. They even took those away too, hauling them away in a mighty plastic bag.

We couldn’t figure out how they were able to move around those giant objects. It took only two of them to move the fridge out of the room, and the massive white monolith seemed to cast a shadow over our entire lives as we watched it hitched onto a trolley, and directed beyond the doorframe on the horizon.

Looking back on it I guess the entire thing only took a few hours but to us it felt like days. We tried to gather everything we could but it was hard – the men in yellow shirts, speckled with pineapples, were too fast. They were too efficient. Before we could make our way to each room using our passageways hidden in between the walls, we’d find they had been emptied.

All we could do was wring our whiskers with apprehension in between running wildly throughout the house.

So while the giants made their strange noises to each other outside and filled the house with grunts and thumps against the floor, the dust stirring up into the air, floating like spores around the giants ankles, we waited for our chance.

We didn’t go out there, only peered out from the cracks in the walls and our hidey holes as we tried to frantically take stock of what was happening. And then, we got our break – while the giants all stomped off to other parts of the house, we were staring at a chest of drawers left behind in an empty room.

Thinking quickly, we scurried into a chest of drawers through a gap in the wooden backing, and we all clustered together and held on tight. Almost the moment we got in there the floor began to rumble. Suddenly we were rocked about as we felt the chest of drawers lifted up. We knew we were moving, but we didn’t know where.

We had no way to tell the time but it could only have been late morning. The last of the giants in yellow shirts left, taking us with him, and when they closed the great door behind them they locked the door with a click. Then there was some more movement, and we were raised up again and then placed down somewhere. And then there was silence. It was uneasy. It reminded us that we had no place to get food.

The silence went on. And it went on. And it went on some more. We fell asleep.

Shortly afterwards, we were awoken by more rumbling. Again, we felt ourselves lifted up and hauled off to another mysterious destination. Making my way to the front of the drawers where there was a small slit through which I could see, I watched as the same giants as before in their yellow shirts proceeded to carry us into a different house…

We knew not what brave new world we had entered, but in one smooth movement, our lives had been changed forever.

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