Written by Gean Brinker
Removal Manager

At The Smooth Movers, we know full well that for a lot of first time clients, we are simply ‘the removal guys with the pineapple trucks.’ A lot of the time this leads to questions on the job, and while this doesn’t particularly bother us – we love to chat, so long as we can walk and talk – we figured it was time to put the record straight.

For after all, a pineapple is a lot like the removalist industry.

Take the skin for instance: tough and durable, and widely known for its rough outer exterior. We can relate – even for all our dollys, trolleys and machinery, lifting furniture is one of the fastest ways to get a good deal of hair on your chest.

But the moment you get past that first outer layer, and start to look a little deeper, you begin to come upon a kind of juicy sweetness. Maybe it’s just one of our handsome removalists flashing a toothy grin that makes you realise it, or the way we take care of that old tattered table with immense sentimental value.

Whatever the case, we promise that we won’t leave you with a prickly exterior to remember us by. No matter what, if you decide to relocate with The Smooth Movers you’ll soon be finding out yourself just how sweet we can be.

Not only do we promise you the utmost smoothest move available in WA, we also acknowledge that moving house can be a tough experience, and this is where the sweetness counts.

There are a lot of things to consider when you move out. Your land-lord expects the property to be clean and you need to replace anything that was damaged by you. Of course you can brush up the place on your own, but if you need professional help, it’s best to look for the best end of lease cleaning provider in your city. The Smooth Movers can organise that for you in Perth, but if you need end of lease cleaning in Sydney, Melbourne or any other city, it’s best to do a proper Google search.

We acknowledge that moving out of your home likely means quite more to you than it does to us – each bare spot of floor newly visible bringing back all kinds of different memories and feelings – and it’s at these times that you’ll be glad to know underneath our rough skin lies a fruity, inner centre. And in the same way pineapples are good for your health, The Smooth Movers are healthy for your wallet, whether you hire us to move, clean or store! So give us a call for your next move, and we’ll bring the sweetness to you.

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Quick Quote Rates start at $120/hr for 2 men & truck (ex GST)

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