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Imagine taking a journey through time and space to an easier future…

A young couple welcome their first child into the world and realize their one bedroom apartment will no longer be big enough to house their belongings.

They take a look around their crowded apartment sizing up their furniture, take out their teleportation ray-gun device, program the required destination, aim the gun at their sofa and press REMOVALISE…

A young visionary entrepreneur’s bold project begins to take shape, and the time comes for her to expand her office space to accommodate her new staff.

The young business woman turns a few dials, presses some buttons, aims her teleportation ray-gun device and… ZAP! Her desk, computer and office chair are suddenly overlooking the Swan River, 30 floors up…

In today’s world these are just dreams. One day a Perth removalist company may be able to offer this service with the touch of a button, but until then the next best thing is The Smooth Movers. Our promise is a moving experience so smooth, so easy, so apparently effortless you will barely notice, barely lift a finger and swear that we had teleported all of your furniture.

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