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  2 Man $150/h $180/h
  3 Man $200/h $220/h

Prices exclude GST.

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4.5 Tonne truck

Our 4.5 tonne or 4.96 ton trucks (depending on what weight system you use), are for small moves. Smaller moves and shorter distances.

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6 Tonne truck

For big moves. Bigger moves, bigger distances

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8 Tonne truck

For BIGGER moves. BIGGER moves, BIGGER distances

interstate removals costs

All jobs have a minimum of 2 hours.

We charge in 15 minute increments thereafter, including call out and return.

We accept payment by cash or credit card (service charge applies).

We have the transit and public liability insurance.

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Your Comprehensive Removalist Cost Guide in Australia


Amidst the stress and excitement of your move – whether you’ve finally bought your dream house or are moving to your own place – it’s easy to get lost in all the details. But if there’s one thing you need to prepare for thoroughly during your move, it’s the cost of moving.

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving within the same state or interstate – relocation is bound to cost you some. This is why it’s crucial to do your own research about removalist costs. After all, you wouldn’t want to be unpleasantly surprised by the removalist prices or expenses after your move.

So, if you’re planning to relocate sometime soon and wish to know more about removal costs in Australia, then this guide is for you.


How Much Do Removals Cost?


When it comes to moving expenses, the foremost question will always be: How much do removals cost?

While it’s easy enough to get quotes from removalists, it’s better to be clear about what factors impact the total cost of moving.

In determining how much to budget for removals, you’ll need to consider certain variables like:

➜ The volume of your belongings

➜ Household size or number of bedrooms

➜ Travel distance between your old and new address

➜ Ease of access to both properties (old home and new home)

➜ Whether it’s peak or off-peak season

Aside from the above, there may be other expenses you’ll need to budget for, such as the removalist services you’ll be using. However, making sure to cover the above three in your request for quotes would mean knowing the bulk of your would-be relocation expenses.

When moving locally or within the same city in Australia, the overall average moving cost ranges between $775 and $830 (excludes GST).

This ballpark estimate is based on moving the furnishings and belongings of a 3-bedroom dwelling as this is the most common household size in Australia. However, we should also note here that according to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, the average number of people per household in Australia is 2.6 as the number of households with children is declining.

The above estimate does not include additional possible expenses like cleaning, moving insurance, packing services, rubbish removal, etc. For an interstate move, you might also have to consider additional costs, such as temporary accommodation, pet transport and storage.

Before asking for removal quotes, it’s best to cover the above items first so you can be as detailed as possible, and the removalist can give you a more accurate quote.

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How Are Moving Costs Calculated in Australia?


After considering the volume of your belongings, household size and travel distance in your moving cost calculations, you would already have covered a substantial portion of the costs.

However, there are still other factors that might impact the final cost of your move – whether you’re using a moving costs calculator in Australia or a removalist cost calculator online.

To make sure you’ve got everything covered, consider the following possible extra expenses:

➜ Moving insurance: If the removalist provides moving insurance, you still need to check if your possessions will get adequate coverage in case of damage during transit. You might need to purchase additional insurance if you’re moving a lot of valuable items that are rare or one-of-a-kind, such as family heirlooms, art, antiques, etc. Full cover for an average home can cost an additional $350 to $650.

➜ Packing services: You might want to do most of the packing yourself to economize. However, you could also have big-ticket items and oddly shaped items that require the expertise of removalists offering packing services. When budgeting for this expense, include the materials the removalists will use for packing, such as cartons, packing tape, bubble wrap, etc. For a local move, you may be asked to pay an extra $60 per hour for the packing service.

➜ Cleaning: Would you need comprehensive house cleaning services in your new place? Some removalists provide a menu of their services so you can simply check the items that apply. These include tasks like unpacking, cleaning the toilets and sinks, arranging the furniture, organising the rooms and many more.

➜ Rubbish removal: When clearing your old home of items you don’t use or need, a skip bin might come in handy. But remember, a two-cubic-metre skip bin costs about $390 on average, so getting the work done by yourself would mean cost savings for your move.

➜ Fuel levy: Removals services typically charge a minimum 5 per cent fuel levy. This could change depending on the distance between your old and new homes.

Calculating how much you’ll spend for moving within Australia can be complicated by additional expenses that crop up along the way. Moreover, every move is unique, so costs need to be calculated separately.

Having said that, staying on top of every expense you identify and allocating a miscellaneous items budget is crucial to avoid unpleasant surprises.


Moving Cost Per Hour


One easy way of calculating moving costs is by the hour. Some removalist services like The Smooth Movers provide this option to customers who prefer this kind of easy payment arrangement.

At The Smooth Movers, you won’t have any difficulty determining the average cost of movers per hour as it’s clearly stated on this removal costs page at the top in the table.

Whether you need a 4.5-, 6- or 8-tonne truck to transport your possessions, The Smooth Movers is always there, ready to assist. We have fixed hourly rates for weekdays and weekends.

For a 2-man hire, our weekend hourly rates are priced at $180 per hour, whilst our weekday hourly rates are pegged at $150 per hour. For a 3-man moving service, expect to pay weekend hourly rates of $220 per hour and weekday hourly rates of $200 per hour.

Charging by the hour makes it easier to calculate moving costs for our customers and ourselves.


Average Moving Cost by Number of Bedrooms for Local Moves


Some removalists calculate moving costs based on the household size or the number of bedrooms in the house to be vacated.

For local short-distance moves, such as relocating from one suburb to another within Perth metro, the average moving costs could look like this:

1 Bedroom

When moving within Perth, the average moving cost for a 1-bedroom dwelling is between $400 and $450 (excluding the GST)

2 Bedrooms

A move from one suburb in Perth to another suburb in the city for a 2-bedroom home can cost anywhere between $500 and $550 (excluding the GST)

3 Bedrooms

The removal costs of a 3-bedroom house in Perth to another location within the city could run from an average of $775 to $830 (excluding the GST)

4 Bedrooms

The average cost to move a 4-bedroom house in Perth to another city location can cost around $900 to $950 (excluding the GST)

5 Bedrooms

The cost of moving the contents of a 5-bedroom property in Perth to another suburb in the city can cost between $1,200 and $1,300

Extra Costs for Additional Moving Services

Packing & Unpacking

The cost of packing and unpacking as an add-on service includes the cost of packing materials. This could be an additional fee if there are fragile or pricey objects to pack, as well as expensive appliances.

A regular carton, for example, costs $22, a book carton costs $6.50, and a portarobe costs $24.00 per carton, all of which are included in the packing cost. Only if products are pro-packed is the cost of unpacking included in a typical service.


Cleaning costs vary depending on which services you want from your removalist. They’ll normally provide you a checklist or an itemised list with options like vacuuming, mopping floors, sanitising toilets and sinks, and organising bedrooms.

House cleaning services cost an approximate $30 per hour. The rate can also be set as low as $20 per hour and as high as $35 per hour and even $50 per hour (2-person team) depending on things like the size of your home and the extent or kind of service required.

Pet Transport

The cost of pet transportation is determined by the pet’s size, species, special needs, travel distance, and the amount of time your pet must be boarded and cared for.

For example, if you’re travelling from Perth to Melbourne, your tiny dog may be charged $770 plus an extra $44 per night for boarding.

Moving Transit Insurance

Insurance is usually provided by removalists to cover any damages to your belongings that occur during the relocation. You must, however, determine whether individual items are protected or need specific cover.

If you are moving important items, you can obtain additional coverage to ensure all your belongings are protected.


If you need to store some of your belongings in a safe and secure location, storage facilities are available.

Some factors that can affect the price of storage include the state you are in or have moved to, the size of the unit, the duration of use, and other requirements.

In Perth, for example, storage rates fall anywhere between $61 and $560; whilst in Sydney, the price can range from $68 to $1,194.


Extra Moving Costs for Big/Bulky Items


Note that if you have large, bulky, or expensive items with you during your local move, you may be charged an additional fee. These include:

➜ Piano

➜ Spa

➜ Large artwork

➜ Garden furnishings

➜ Television

The cost of moving a piano, for example, is determined by the distance and any obstacles encountered (such as stairs or tight passageways). In general, a local piano move often costs less than $500.


How Much Does It Cost to Move Interstate?


Moving interstate costs are understandably higher compared to those for a local move – usually costing several thousands of dollars.

For example, the interstate moving cost for a 1-bedroom dwelling from Perth to Melbourne is estimated to fall between $1,700 and $1,900 (excluding GST). Meantime, the average cost of relocating from a 5-bedroom house could range between $9,000 and $10,500 (excluding GST)


Tips on How to Reduce Moving Costs


To keep moving costs under control, try to observe the following:

➜ Check if backloading is an option for your local move.

➜ Sell items you don’t need or want to take with you.

➜ Avoid very expensive rush bookings by planning early.

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The Smooth Movers are the only removalists in Perth that ensure both a problem free move, and some mood raising removalists in Hawaiian shirts to go with it.

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