The Beginning of The Smooth Movers
Written by Jose Rees
Owner & Managing Director

The Smooth Movers Removalists come from humble roots, starting with one man and his penchant for Hawaiian shirts and pineapples. Our-floral clad hero spent his youth travelling Australia as a jack-of-all-trades and Vitamin-C enthusiast, before setting his sights on Perth and deciding it was the right time to hit the sweet spot of self-employment.

Slowly, he began to form a Removals company. With time things started to come together: first, a truck. Then an office and a truck. Then two trucks. And then more and more and more. Drawing on the passions deep within him, The Smooth Movers became recognizable throughout the sprawling streets of Perth. Everywhere from Fremantle to Karrinyup our bright yellow, pineapple-covered vans are known to catch the eyes of passersby. As our fleet of trucks and team of staff grew larger over the years, The Smooth Movers acquired a warehouse in O’Connor – as well as some mighty fashionable uniforms if we say so ourselves – and it is there we remain and continue to base our operations today, making lives smoother on both sides of the river.

We’ve been doing this for a while, and in that time we’ve come to learn that the Removalist industry has a lot of interesting things to offer. If you were to pick any suburban block in Perth at random, turn it upside down and shake it, you’d be amazed at the things that would fall out. Did you know that in the early nineties, a section of the Berlin Wall sat in a Removalist’s lot in the UK for two years until the man who paid for shipping finally came to move it?

And did you know that when King Arthur pulled the mighty sword from the stone, he actually hired Removalists to do it for him? Alright, we pulled that second one from nowhere. But at the Smooth Movers, we know that any removalist company worth its salt has a decent few stories to tell. But we aren’t above poems, either – as the early pioneer Removalists hauled pianos through the Australian scrub along the Swan River (we assume), they sang along with ditties and tunes to pass the time. We like to do the same, hoping that our messages continue to spread a positive influence.

For example:
– There was a lady called Betty Sue,
– Who too late decided to have her things moved.
– In all her haste,
– she wrote down the wrong place,
– And her things briefly went to the Zoo!

Quick Quote Rates start at $120/hr for 2 men & truck (ex GST)

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