Change of Address Checklist Australia

Change of Address Checklist Australia
Addresses to Change When Moving - Ultimate Guide
Written by Gean Brinker
Removalist Manager & Coordinator

When you are moving to a new address, the things you need to move out are the least of your worries. There is so much to think of, organise and remember that sometimes it can get overwhelming. Rather than lying in bed at night trying to think of what you might have forgotten why not take advantage of our change of address list below? We have a look at how you can make the address changes as well as give a complete list of who to change address with. There is the potential for a lot of problems to arise if you forget to notify the right people so avoid a lot of future hassle, missed payments, and annoyed people by using a change of address checklist before the big day.

Why do you need a moving house change address list?

Just think about everything that comes in your mail and all the official places that need your up-to-date address. Banks, insurance providers, government offices, there are a lot of places when thinking of who do I need to inform change of address. By redirecting your mail you are making sure all of your bills, and any other correspondence you get is sent to your new address, not your old one. This avoids things like suspended accounts and long phone calls trying to sort it all out. If you are wondering what do I need to change when I move, or who to change my address with, below should be a great source of information!

Changing Address in  Australia – What You Need to Know

When you are looking at how do I change my address when I move you have several options. You can use more than one choice in where do I need to update my address depending on what is convenient and easiest for you.

Using Australia Post – If you go here

Australia post can redirect your mail as well as send out notifications to certain places. You could still use the change of address checklist, Australia if it does not cover all your changes.

Go online – A lot of places have an online presence where you can go in and change your details so it is easy to know what to do when you change your address. Banks, online shops, and so on make it easy for you to change your details with them. Just log in to your account and find my account and make your change.

Make some phone calls – If you prefer not to go online, or not all of your addresses to change when moving are available that way, then you can make some calls. It takes a bit longer to do this way, so in terms of when should I change my address if you are doing it by phone, start earlier!

Send out emails – In some cases, the company might want you to send notifications in writing either letter or email. Email tends to be quicker and more convenient nowadays but letters are still good too. Use the change of address list below to make sure you remember all of them. Make sure you include your full name, old and new address, date of moving, account number if there is one and triple check your spelling.

Notify the change in person – For a few notifications, it makes sense to do it in person. Family and friends are good examples of who should I notify when I change my address in person. Maybe you could have some change of address cards made so you can hand them out rather than having to write it down for each friend you visit and tell.

change of address checklist australia

Local Authorities Change of Address Checklist

Here is a look at the main government organisations or authorities to notify on your moving house change address list. It might seem like a lot of effort but it is a lot easier to get quick and up-to-date information down the line when they have the right information on you. It is also important for things like voting. Addresses to change when moving house Australia includes making sure you are correct on the electoral roll so you can have your voice in the local, state and national elections. The change of address checklist Australia for such authorities is;

  • Australia electoral commission
  • Department of work and pensions – to continue receiving your pension you need to include this on your change of address list moving house
  • Australian taxation office
  • Australia post
  • Centrelink – For concession cards
  • Department of human services – for child support, medicare and such
  • Donate life
  • Your local library
  • Department for car registrations and driving licenses – to keep your license up to date
  • Also on the change of address list is any pet registration you have
  • Veteran’s affairs

moving house change address list

Health and Recreation Change of Address Checklist

When you change address notify who needs to know and have a plan, another group of notifications are those who fall under your health and recreation places. It is possible if you moving far enough away that you need to change gyms completely for example rather than just change the address so you should notify them if that is the case. Examples of who to advise a change of address include;

  • Gyms
  • Also on the change of address list are any clubs you belong to
  • Subscriptions to magazines and such
  • Your family doctor
  • Dentist
  • Personal trainer
  • Chiropractor
  • Paediatrician
  • Psychologist/therapist
  • Optometrist
  • Also on the list of places to change address when moving is your pet’s vet!

moving house address change checklist

Household & Utility Change of Address Checklist

The following addresses to change when moving are for all of your providers, TV, phone, internet, and so on. You should also notify your water and energy providers.

  • Satellite or cable provider needs to be notified so that you are billed at the correct address, and not charged for what people moving in use. You should make sure you have what you need at your new address too
  • When looking at what to change the address for when moving your phone company needs to know too. You will need to organise a new landline for your new address if you want one. Most people have phone and internet with the same people so your broadband can be done now too. You do not have to continue with the same providers at your new address, you might get a better deal elsewhere
  • Your TV licence is also on the change of address checklist which you can change 3 months before your move date
  • You also need to notify your mobile phone provider of your change in address for billing purposes, you can visit, email or call them
  • Water, gas, and electricity providers are also addresses to change when moving

addresses to change when moving

Vehicle Change of Address Checklist Australia

We have mentioned needing to update your car registration details but it is worth mentioning there are a few things to consider with your vehicles with a change of address checklist NSW.

  • Updating your driver’s license is no hassle at all really. You do not need to leave your home even, just visit the website and you can fill out the form. It takes between two to four weeks to have the license updated come to you
  • On the change of address list of things to change when moving you should also contact whatever vehicle breakdown cover you have and change your address with them. It is important because rates are affected by where you live, and if you need a home call-out they need to know where that is!
  • Also on the change of address checklist is to update your car insurance providers. It affects your payment rate and the information is important in case you are involved in a claim

change of address list

Moving House Address Change Checklist with Educational Institutions

If anyone is attending any kind of educational facility they need to be notified.

  • Any children of school age need to have their information updated with their respective schools and that includes nurseries, daycares, and such.
  • A university is also who to tell when you change address.

Change of Address Checklist with Insurance Providers

Another on the change of address list of who to notify is your insurance providers. Often your location is a factor in your price and premiums so it is important to let them know. If you move to an area that is deemed riskier your insurance might go up, but on the other hand, if you are moving somewhere safer it could go down. On the change of address list are;

  • Health insurance
  • Pet insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Home and contents insurance


The subscription business model has literally advanced into any aspect of our lives. TV streaming subscriptions and gaming subscriptions are amongst the most popular such services which likely don’t require you to update your address with them upon moving. Although, for billing purposes, it might be a good idea to do it anyway. However, if you have a subscription for which physical items are sent to your home on a regular basis, you most definitely want to add those to your change of address checklist.

  • Coffee subscription
  • Meal prep subscription (HelloFresh, etc..)
  • Beauty subscription box
  • Men’s shaving subscription box
  • Whisky subscription

And the list goes on and on…


Recurring Home Services

Anyone you have in the house needs to be told when moving what addresses to change.

  • Gardener
  • Cleaner
  • Pool Service
  • Tree services
  • Any regular maintenance people you have scheduled

All Places Connected to Finances

One of the more important areas to update on your change of address checklist in Australia is all matters related to finances. They include;

  • Bank – it is crucial your bank knows where you live as well as statements and up-to-date information it prevents identity theft
  • Loan institutions – anywhere you have borrowed from need to know if you have borrowed from anywhere other than your bank
  • Debit and credit card companies – when looking at a moving house address change checklist if you have cards not with your main bank they need to know too
  • Premium bonds
  • Private pensions
  • Shop or store cards need to know your moving house change address details
  • Financial Advisor

Moving Address Checklist for The Elderly

To ensure your information is up-to-date, it’s important to notify relevant parties when changing your address. This includes creating a plan and notifying services for older people. Though it may require effort initially, it will ultimately make it easier to obtain accurate information in the future.

  • Senior medical alert system
  • Home care services
  • Hearing aid company
  • Pharmacy
  • Wheelchair service

Moving Address Checklist for Your Pets

When moving with your cats or any kind of pet, notifying relevant parties of your address change is important to keep your information up-to-date. This includes creating a plan and informing the services for your pets. While it may require some effort initially, it will ultimately make future information retrieval more accurate and accessible.

  • The Registry for Pet Microchipping
  • Pet Registration
  • Pet Insurance

Family and Friends

Don’t forget to add your friends and family to your change of address checklist NSW. You could send cards, emails, a text even!

Government Organisations Change of Address per State

Queensland and Tasmania offer an online form for changing your address. If you need help in moving house, you simply need to fill in your old and new addresses, and the form will automatically update your information across all government departments. Meanwhile, New South Wales and South Australia have web pages that link to a list of each department’s change of address procedures.

Change of Address West Australia

The West Australian government has a webpage that lists all the departments where you may have to update your address.

Change of Address NSW

The NSW government provides a thorough list of links for changing your address across all their departments.

Please click the following link to access the NSW Change of Address page.

Change of Address QLD

The Queensland government has introduced a new service that allows you to update your address once, and they will automatically change your address across all Queensland government organisations, streamlining the process:

  • Concession cards
  • Disability card
  • Driving, boating licences, vehicle registration
  • Environment land and water
  • Health
  • Homes and housing
  • Seniors cards
  • Workplace licences such as Electrical Work licences

Click to go to the QLD Change of Address page.

Change of Address South Australia

The South Australian government provides a webpage containing links to all their departments where you may need to update your address information.

Change of Address Tasmania

To change your address for various purposes, visit the Tasmanian government’s website and fill out an online change of address form. The form will be effective for all the following purposes:

  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Consumer Building and Occupational Services
  • Driver Licence
  • Firearms Services
  • Inland Fisheries Service Licence
  • Libraries Tasmania Library Card
  • Marine and Safety Tasmania Registration and Licences
  • Land Tax
  • Monetary Penalties Enforcement Service
  • Recreational Sea Fishing Licence
  • Seniors Card
  • Tasmanian Cervical Screening Register
  • Vehicle Registration
  • WorkSafe Tasmania

Checklist for Moving House: Other Things To Keep in Mind

In addition to going through various checklists, here are some tips to make your change of address process smoother.

Provide a List of Your Important Emails

To create an address change house moving checklist:

  • Begin by listing all the essential mail you receive.
  • Start doing this three months before moving day.
  • Note down the name of the company or organisation on your change of address list whenever you receive a letter from them.

Unsubscribe From Unnecessary Mailing Lists

You likely receive unwanted mail that you do not read frequently. For example, you may still have your utility bills sent in the mail but not open the envelope.

Before moving to a new house, decluttering your belongings, including sorting through your mail, is vital. This is an opportunity to unsubscribe from unwanted mailing lists and opt for electronic billing for your utilities to minimise paper usage. By doing this, you’ll reduce clutter in your mailbox and contribute towards environmental conservation.

Organise Your Moving House Address Change Checklist by Priority and Frequency

If your move is still more than three months away, it’s better to wait before changing your address for certain things. For instance, most utility bills are sent every three months, so you can hold off on notifying your utility providers until you get closer to your move date.

Nowadays, most companies and organisations provide an online service for updating your address. To take advantage of this quick and easy option, you can search for something like “[name of organisation] change of address” on Google. Typically, you will be directed to an online form that you can fill out.

Save Receipts of Any Requests You Make For Your Address

Make sure to request a receipt or written confirmation after changing your address. This confirmation serves as proof that you have fulfilled your responsibilities. Utility providers also follow the same rule. If you can provide evidence that you have requested a change of address, you won’t be charged late fees for any bills that might have been sent to your old address and missed.

Closing Words

You might not have even realised how many people there are to notify when it comes to moving so this change of address checklist might be a surprise to you on how long it is. You could also make use of a change of address free printable if you want!

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