How to Move a Fridge

How to Move a Fridge
Moving a Fridge - A Practical Guide
Written by Gean Brinker
Removalist Manager & Coordinator

How to move a fridge properly?

When it comes time to moving homes and packing the kitchen, some of the harder items to handle are the appliances. Fridge relocation is tricky, you have to plan ahead, it is an awkward shape, bulky, heavy, with doors to deal with. But it needs to be done carefully as it is an expensive appliance. That is why it is a good idea to either find an expert fridge removalist or make sure you consider the following fridge moving tips. Having a friend to help and being prepared can make the job of moving a fridge easier to handle. With some patience and the right tools, you can safely learn how to move a fridge.

What to consider when moving a fridge

The best way on how to move a fridge is to take the necessary fridge shifting precautions and to have all the things in place that you need. As mentioned you will want at least one other person on the day to help, if you are not having a professional service handle the job. You will also need a measuring tape, some rope or tape, some blankets for moving, a drill or screwdriver and a dolly with straps.

Besides having a moving house checklist, it is a good idea to have a moving plan made from your fridge moving tips. That means you need to first measure the fridge and then the doorways it will need to pass through. How you get it outside depends on which doorways it can fit through! In some cases, you might need to think about using the drill or screwdriver to remove some doors so that you can get it through. Have a plan ready for how to get through each doorway so you are not stuck on the day wasting time and struggling. Moving a fridge with less stress means having things cleared out the way, furniture, stair railings and so on.

how to prep a fridge for moving - how to prepare a refrigerator for storage

How to prepare a fridge for moving

There are a few things to consider when you are looking at how to prepare a refrigerator for storage or transport. Turning it off to defrost it beforehand, moving its contents elsewhere, cleaning it, and making it easier to move for the day.

  • Empty its contents – When you are looking at how to prep a fridge for moving you should, first of all, come up with a plan for what is inside it. Plan your meals so you use it all up perhaps, have a cooler ready and move what is left into your cooler, or see if a friend or a family member has room to move some of it into their fridge. Remember you need to keep it chilled not just for the shutoff and moving but also for the time it takes for it to be turned back on at the new place and reach the right temperature once more.
  • Clean it – When you have the food all consumed or moved elsewhere you should defrost the fridge before moving. First let any ice left melt, then clean out the water with a towel or a hairdryer! After that clean with baking soda and water. Doing this ahead of time is a good way to make sure there is no water left that leaks when you are moving it. Adding something like activated charcoal will help prevent bad odours. For more tips on cleaning, you can also refer to our end of lease cleaning checklist.
  • Disconnect the fridge – When looking at how long to switch off fridge before moving you should give it at least a few hours if not more. This is best done ahead of time and is something you must do yourself, if you have a removalist they expect this to happen before they come. When you have unplugged protect your cord by rolling it and then taping it to the fridge’s back so it does not get in the way.
  • Deal with the doors and moving parts – After you have handled how long to turn fridge off before moving you then need to take care of the doors and other things inside like moving draws and shelves. Remove the inside parts for transportation and make sure anything made from glass is protected. The doors you can either remove or use the ropes to rope them closed so they do not keep swinging open. You should also wrap blankets around it and secure them so it does not get dinted and scratched on the day.

transporting a fridge - how to transport a fridge - best way to transport a fridge

Transporting a fridge on moving day

Now that moving day has arrived it is time to consider how to transport a fridge with the least stress and damage possible. Here are some steps to take either yourself with help, or how to move a fridge easily with a professional mover.

  1. Strap the fridge onto the dolly – the reason professionals have a better time with moving a fridge is their experience and the tools they use. It is a really good idea to have a dolly, it is the best way to transport a fridge. They should have straps so you can slide the fridge forwards, lift it slightly to place it on the dolly so its side on then holding onto both sides push it forwards until it is completely on. Remember to avoid injury by lifting with your knees, not your back. Tighten the straps around the fridge to hold it in place.
  2. Moving with the dolly – tilt it back slowly so that the angle is not more than 45 degrees and make sure it feels stable and the fridge is positioned correctly. When moving it you might wonder can you transport a fridge laying down, and ideally you should not. While one person moves the dolly with the fridge the other can help guide and lift if there are any stairs to deal with. This is also how to transport a side by side refrigerator.
  3. Getting it into your moving truck – getting it in you ideally have a truck with a platform you can operate or use a plank. As mentioned when considering can you lie a fridge on its side for transport the answer is preferably no. When it is completely horizontal because some think the answer is yes to can you lay a fridge down to transport it the oil and coolants can leak and clog lines and the weight of the fridge can even damage some internal parts at the back.

What to consider after moving a fridge

After transporting a fridge when you have arrived at your destination and have it in place in the new kitchen you then need to think about how to stand a fridge after moving and how long before switching on a new fridge freezer. It is important to wait before you plug it in and start putting food in it. If you are not plugging it in straight away keep your doors closed to prevent a bad odour from building up.

You should know that how long to leave a fridge after moving is at least a couple of hours. If for any reason it did end up on its side then you need to give it at least 4 hours upright before you plug it in. There is a guideline that says with how long to let a fridge sit after moving older fridges should be at least 24 hours before plugging in.

After you have looked at how long to stand a fridge after moving and followed the guidelines you can then leave it turned on but empty for another 24 to 72 hours. If you still have the book for your fridge it is a good idea to see what your specific manufacturer recommends, or you can look it up online.

Need help with moving?

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Moving a Fridge Questions - How to Move a Fridge FAQ

 Moving a Fridge FAQ

 How to move a fridge alone?

Ideally, you should not be considering how to move a refrigerator by yourself. It really is at least a two-person job. They are heavy and awkward and you could end up hurting yourself, damaging the fridge, or damaging things like the walls if you attempt it alone.

How to move a refrigerator downstairs with a dolly?

When thinking about how can you move a fridge using a dolly downstairs that is where the need for two people comes in. Remember to try to keep the dolly at 45 degrees and have a person at the front take the dolly and guide it. Remember as you use your dolly you do a pull-back motion to control it.

How to turn off a fridge?

The first part of the process of how to move a fridge is to turn it off. Just find where it is plugged in, turn it off, unplug and keep the cord attached with tape to the back of the fridge for safety. Turn it off several hours before moving and defrost first.

The fridge is not working after moving, what to do?

If you have the problem where the fridge is not cooling after moving it could be because you laid the fridge on its side. Make sure you give it enough time standing up and if it still is not working call in a technician.

Can you tilt a fridge on its side?

When transporting a fridge you should not lay it on its side. It can cause damage to the fridge.

Can fridges go on carpet?

As part of your fridge moving instructions, it is not a good idea to put it on the carpet when it is working. You do not want anything to block the underside as it will cause overheating by blocking the airflow. You can slide it across the carpet in the moving process though.

How to disconnect a freezer from a fridge?

If you are considering disconnecting the freezer from the fridge please see your manufacturer guidelines either online or in the booklet you received.

How to stop a fridge from sliding?

The best way in how to carry a fridge is to use a dolly as it is strapped in and is less likely to slide.

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