How to Choose a Top Removalist Company

How to Choose a Top Removalist Company
How to choose the best removalist company
Written by Gean Brinker
Removalist Manager & Coordinator

Moving is stressful. It is physically hard, mentally draining and an emotional time as you leave your old place and start something new. Despite how tough this is, often people think of saving a few bucks. Do it yourself and you can save money as well as the hassle of looking for people you can trust right? Well not really. Yes, you need to spend a little time looking for the best removalists around. But that money you think you are saving? In the end, it is better spent on moving experts for your well-being. So here is a look at how to make that choice!

Are they a real moving company?

Removalists sometimes have a bad reputation, but often that comes from experiencing services from people that are more ‘handy’ than removalist. It is true that some people have issues with belongings being late, or damaged, and questionable pricing. But you can avoid such options by making sure you hire a genuine moving company, and by spending just a little time looking at what previous clients have to say about their experience.

What moves them from average to good?

When there are hundreds of options around how do you know the good from the average or poor? Well here are 4 things to look for in your movers.

#1 They offer a range of services – There should be more to the company than a van and a couple of extra pair of hands. There should be a variety of services you can choose from, including storage options, packing services, the provision of packing materials, specialized experience in difficult moving like pianos, as well as excellent customer service and an offer of problem-solving if you are in an unusual situation.

#2 A decent online presence – Today any good company should have a well-made website where you can find answers to questions you might have. Many people prefer to do their research looking at websites rather than having to call a lot of people.

#3 Rates that are competitivePrices do not necessarily reveal whether they are good at the job. Do not be tempted to just go for the cheapest service. Look at experience, what they have to offer, as well as the prices for different options. Often the price range of the good companies will be somewhere in the middle!

#4 Pride in their corporate image – They should have a range of modern equipment for the moving process. Their vehicles should be well maintained, not too dated, and have an attractive logo and company name on them.

The best removalists tend to supply more services at mid-range rates, and you’ll find their quotes more comprehensive. The comparisons soon weed out the less appealing removalists and will narrow down the choices to a few good companies.

The answers you should be hearing

Using the above you can narrow down your options. Then you can ask them your questions to narrow it down more. Here are some common questions people have when moving, and what the right kind of company should answer!

> Do any of your prices include a packing service? Yes, you just let us know your moving schedule and we will organize with you a schedule.

> What materials do I need to pack with? We have everything you need for packing, let me send you a list of what we have.

> Do you have covers for large items and furniture? Yes, we come with fabric, tarpaulin, bubble wrap and more.

> I cannot move everything today, do you have any storage containers? Yes, take a look at what we can offer.


Quick Quote Rates start at $120/hr for 2 men & truck (ex GST)

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