Moving Interstate – What You Need to Know

Moving Interstate – What You Need to Know
Best tips on moving interstate
Written by Gean Brinker
Removalist Manager & Coordinator

Moving is never an easy process, but when you are moving to a different state, this quickly becomes clear. Whether moving states for a new job, a new home, to be closer to family or any other reason, the process needs planning to be efficient. Moving states requires more than a moving van or two. You will need cargo containers, help moving them and possibly storage options for items you are not yet able to move. Here are some useful tips on what you need to know when moving interstate.

Think ahead and make sure you have the help you need

If you are not going to use a professional moving company then you need to make sure you have other help for the moving day and with packing. Moving a whole home takes a lot of work so make sure your friends and family mark off that time for you. It is understandable why people opt to use friends for moving. It would seem at first to be the cheapest option. But if you can budget for it, we strongly advise you to find a professional company to help.

Most removalists have a range of options when it comes to the kind of services they offer. You could even get help with the packing itself, they can provide all the packing materials you need, and they have the equipment needed for moving heavy and awkward things like pianos. The move will have fewer injuries and accidents, will run more smoothly and they know how to properly load trucks and containers too.

Choosing a top removalist company

Finding the best movers will take a little time and research from you, but it is worth it. When you do a search online you will quickly discover there are a lot of businesses in the moving industry, so you will need to get yourself a list of options then narrow them down. Get some quotes, choose experience and look into what services they offer. You can check to see too what clients have to say about their move, looking at how they stick to the schedule, attitude, care taken with their property and value for money. If you need storage can they offer it? Do they offer packing? Do they provide all packing materials? Other key considerations include;

  • Do they have insurance so that your items are protected?
  • How long do they estimate delivery will be?
  • What is the weight allowance?
  • Do they deliver to your new address or just to a depot?
  • How long can you have the container for to pack?

Pro packing tips

If you do not take advantage of a packing service then you should follow the following tips to ensure everyone’s safety when loading and unloading your boxes. It will also help unpacking go a lot easier at the other end!

  1. Start with rooms that are not in use or see less traffic. Ideally start 3 months before the move day.
  2. Use this as an opportunity to purge. Throw away, recycle, sell or donate things you really never use. That way there is less to move with you and less to pack next time!
  3. Avoid putting all your heavy things in a few boxes or in one place in the container. Spread them out.
  4. Label all the boxes and include which room the box is for, noting it on top and on the side.
  5. You cannot move chemicals, gas, fuel or other dangerous items in a container.
  6. Heavy items should be loaded first then light things on top. Use blankets and other soft materials to protect items in the container.
  7. On the move day have pets and children taken out of the way!
  8. Keep boxes out of the flow of foot traffic.


While moving across states is a demanding time, with some planning, budgeting and help you can get through this! Sooner than you think you can be enjoying your new home and looking forward to whatever the future might bring, with all your valued possessions around you.


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