How to find the Best Removalist Company in the Perth Northern Suburbs

How to find the Best Removalist Company in the Perth Northern Suburbs
Best Joondalup & Perth Northern Suburbs Removalists
Written by Gean Brinker
Removalist Manager & Coordinator

There are many reasons a person might find themselves ready to move from one home to another, but what almost everyone agrees on is that the process of moving is not fun! However moving is a part of life, we rarely are born, raised and live our whole lives in the same place. Therefore if you are looking to make this as easy as you can, you really should consider finding expert removalists.

This blog post aims at readers living in Joondalup and surrounding areas who are looking for removalists in the Perth northern suburbs. There is so much to do, packing, a lot of heavy lifting and moving, along with that physical effort is all the planning, preparation and time it takes up too. Here are some ways you can find the best removalist company in the Perth Northern Suburbs!

Look for recommendations

If you have not used a company before, or you do not want to re-use the same people for whatever reason, an excellent way to find the best is to ask for recommendations from people around you. If you have neighbours, friends, family or even work colleagues that have moved recently ask them what their experience was like. Was there any damage to their belongings? Did they get to the destination by the time they said? Were they polite and professional to deal with? Did they have the right equipment and enough hands to get the job done well?

Compare reviews online

Another option to look into a potential furniture removalist in Joondalup is to look online. Check for customer reviews, look at websites that review and compare different removalists. Collect a few options together on a list that seems to come out ahead in terms of what impression they have left on people. From that list, you can narrow down the best one for you.

Look for experience

Experience makes a difference in everything from having better customer service, to offering a better quality move. Experience gives them an edge in knowing what works and what does not, in how to lift properly, how to move heavy items and more. They have also hopefully proven to be a reliable service you can trust your belongings with.

Make sure they are competitively priced

When you are looking at removalists it is important to look for competitive removal pricing but not necessarily the cheapest option. Look at that list, and unless you are really drawn to them cross out the most expensive and cheapest. There should be flexibility in what they offer so you can choose a service that suits your needs and your budget.

Check they move to where you want to go!

Not all furniture removalists will take your belongings to where you are heading to. Most companies have a list of locations they can transport to. So before you narrow down your list to just one option make sure they can deliver to where you are moving!



Quick Quote Rates start at $120/hr for 2 men & truck (ex GST)

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