Donating Furniture to Charity in Perth: A Detailed Guide

Donating Furniture to Charity in Perth: A Detailed Guide
Where to Donate Furniture in Perth: Moving Out Wisely
Written by Gean Brinker
Removalist Manager & Coordinator

Leaving the property in a ‘reasonable condition’ should be a part of a mover’s end-of-lease clean checklist. However, some pieces of furniture are just too much of a hassle to bring and not allowed to leave behind. That’s why donating furniture in Perth has been gaining popularity over the years. Since moving homes is rarely an easy task, given the number of things you have to take care of, even with the help of professional packing and moving services, there are some things that only you have to decide. And some of these decisions come with complications of their own. With the inception of many community-driven charities that work with refugees, survivors of abuse, and indigenous people, etc, many people are considering furniture donation if they are looking for options on what to do with unwanted furniture they no longer need or don’t have space for. The act of donating something is a rewarding feeling. Statistics show that a lot of Australians give their money or belongings every year. Take a look at these statistics: An estimated 14.9 million Australian adults (80.8%) gave in total $12.5 billion to charities and NFP organisations over 12 months in 2015-16. The average donation was $764.08, and the median donation is $200. – You might also be interested in: Where to Get Moving Boxes

Please note that The Smooth Movers do not accept furniture donations themselves. Please read the blog to find organisation which do accept furniture donations!

Why Donate Furniture to Charity in Perth?

Have you ever wondered what people do with their old furniture when they move houses or renovate it? What happens to baby cots, cribs and rocking chairs when babies outgrow them? We all have those friends who renovate their houses every other year or so, and each time, the beds look different, the couch in the living room is definitely new, and that sparkling kitchen cabinet has only been there for a week or so. While furniture is the most obvious thing put up for donation, you can also donate clothing (as long as the fabric is still good and not not damaged), old electrical appliances, such as fridges, freezers, air conditioners and more (provided they are still working and intact. Furniture donations are definitely a great way of giving away excess things that are starting to clutter your house/office. However, there are many factors that have to be taken into account if you are thinking about donating furniture. There are many local charities and organisations that gladly accept furniture donations in Perth. If you have a house or office move coming up, and you want to give away some stuff, this detailed guide is sure to help you.

Where Does Furniture Go When It’s Thrown Away?

It’s no well-kept secret that the planet is reeling under a huge garbage disposal crisis. Furniture thrown away ends up being disposed at landfills where they take up huge amounts of space. Did you know that each family disposes of around 24 kgs of furniture every year? That amounts to about 48,000 tonnes of furniture that’s discarded on average every year. That’s a lot of furniture thrown away, considering how many people are in need of it all over the country. Plus, a lot of the stuff that’s discarded still has a lot of life left in them. Which means, they could have been used by others, people who would have been grateful for it, instead of wastefully rotting away in a landfill.

Donating Furniture to Charity in Perth

You’ll be surprised to learn that donating furniture doesn’t have all to do only with going down an eco-friendly path that supports the environment. An old baby crib made of solid wood may be useless to you now, but there might be a new family somewhere who is doing it tough and can’t make ends meet. If you’ve made the decision to donate your furniture rather than sell it on Gumtree, your next step would be to hunt for places that take second-hand furniture. In Perth, there are many charities, organisations that work with people who’ve been displaced, are refugees, or are looking for a new beginning. Organisations like Good Sammy, Starting Over Support, and GIVIT in Perth help people by matching them up with people who are donating items that they need. Furniture donations also have environmental value—as people accept thrifting more and more, the need to buy brand new furniture lessens, and therefore, a lesser number of trees have to be lopped, and less plastic waste is generated. Even if only in Perth, people adopted this thrift system instead of buying low-quality, mass-produced items at every turn, there would be a lot less waste at landfills. There are many furniture pick-up services in Perth who are ready to pick up your stuff and transport them to organisations.

So, if you live around Perth, here is a list of 7 charities that pick-up furniture in Perth:

#1 – Good Sammy Home Collections

The Good Sammy Home collections is a division of the Good Samaritan Enterprises that works with people with disabilities in employment and training opportunities. Home Collections that operates in Perth and around Western Australia, is an initiative to provide employment opportunities for those who can’t get it as easily as others can. If you want to donate furniture to them, you can fill in this form with the required details and schedule a pick-up. They also have an option for bulk collections if you’re looking for someone who’ll take your old furniture for free.

#2 – GIVIT

GIVIT is an organisation that has tie-ups with legit charity programs and helps them extend their outreach. On their website, you’ll find a long list of items that people are looking for, as well as their locations. You can filter this list by narrowing it down to whether you want to drop off your items at the closest centre or want it picked up. Enter your location to narrow it down further and you can see what many people need. If there’s a suitable match, you’re all set. Even if you don’t have a match, you can still choose to schedule a pick-up or drop it off at your convenience. For example, if you’re looking to donate furniture in Perth, find your location on this page and choose your option.

#3 – Starting Over Support

Starting Over Support or SOS is a division of the People Who Care organisation located in Perth. Their primary aim is to provide families who have survived crisis situations and upheavals. They help families who are in the difficult process of restarting their lives by giving them furniture, electrical appliances in good working conditions, and other essential household items that are usually expensive. They operate largely in Perth, so if you’re a Perth resident, this is a great way to donate your furniture for a good cause. They also take old furniture for free if it’s bulky and cannot be transported in a car. Check out their donations page for more details.

#4 – Friends with Dignity

A volunteer-run organisation that works with survivors of domestic violence. Their Urgent Requests program is to give survivors a helping hand to rebuild their life. Visit the page to see how you can help if you have old furniture like baby cots, bicycles, old décor you no longer have any use for. They work on a referral basis— when they come across requests from families who have just escaped an abusive home and moved into a refuge, or someone who is taking baby steps to live an independent life after years of abuse, they put these requests on their Facebook page. Visit this page to see what they are currently looking for if you have some spare electrical appliances or furniture to donate in Perth.

#5 – Buy Nothing Project

The Buy Nothing Project is a social movement that has spread over the entire world. It promotes the idea of a gift economy, where goods are traded or given, and not sold. This reduces the need to shop for what you need or want, because someone in the local community may already be trying to get rid of what you’re looking for. The movement, started in Washington, was rapidly adopted by like-minded people all over the world. All you have to do to join is explore their page, and find your location. This will redirect you to the local community page on Facebook, where you can connect with people who have similar ideologies living near you. This project has a big following in Perth, with over 50 locations in Perth alone. Find the project closest to you and start donating furniture in Perth. What’s more, you may even come across something that you may want for your new home!

#6 – Salvos

Salvos accept charity furniture collection in Perth and all around Australia. They even made it easy to donate. Just book a collection appointment through their website, and they’ll gladly pick up your items. They usually accept both small and bulky items. What’s good about Salvos is that 100% of their in-store profit goes to the Salvation Army, where they help more impoverished people.

#7 – Anglicare

Anglicare WA is another local non-profit organisation that accepts donations like bulky furniture (such as bed and frames), clothes, and other household items. You can drop off your contribution to their Op shops or have your furniture collected at your convenience. Check out their donations guide here. You might also be interested in: How to Pack for a Move Like a Ninja

Benefits of Donating Furniture in Perth

Donations of any kind are always welcome at charities which depend on outside help to run their organisations. Plus, it always feels good knowing that you’ve helped make someone’s life a little easier and more comfortable. However, there are more benefits than that. Such as:

  • Reduced moving costs: As most charities that take free furniture in Perth accept it without any payments, they usually run free pick-up services as well. That saves you the cost of paying professional moving services to pack up the bulky items that you don’t want anymore and lugging it along with you to your new home or office.
  • Environmental benefit: You’re doing a big favour to the environment by opting to let someone reuse your old things. Most of the time, the furniture that’s thrown away still has a lot of life left in them, instead of rotting in landfills they will continue to serve their purpose. This reduces the strain on the environment to renew its resources to keep up with consumer demand.
  • Tax Benefits: donating furniture to charities that are nationally registered will help your business, if you have one, through tax donation receipts. Find out if your local charity in Perth that accepts furniture donations are legally recognised and receive a tax deduction at the end of the year. If you’re renovating your office or shifting offices, the wooden desks and cabinets will come of great use to families who need them.

How to Donate Furniture in Perth?

Donating furniture in Perth is very easy. There are many organisations like Salvation Army, Friends with Dignity, Good Samaritan and GIVIT that do good for the local community. One of the ways they achieve this is by accepting furniture donations from people who are de-cluttering, moving into a new home, are trying to get rid of old furniture to make room for new ones or clearing a home after a loss.

Frequently Asked Questions

What items are not accepted by charities that take free furniture? There are many things that even charities cannot accept. As they are usually short of funds, it’s in their best interest to take things that are already in good condition to avoid costs of refurbishment. Some common items include furniture that’s covered in animal hair, stains, torn or broken; large television or stereo sets; automobile parts, damaged crockery, books, toys and used pillows, etc., This list varies from place to place so be sure to check with the organisation you want to help. If you want to get rid of these furniture items regardless, you might be better off bringing them to a recycling facility or to hire a suitably sized a skip bin. How to prepare for a smooth moving experience while donating furniture in Perth? Worried about adding the task of donating furniture to the already demanding task of moving houses? It’s easier than you think. Just make sure that what you’re donating is clean, in good condition, and is accessible for the people picking it up. If you live in a multi-storey building, taking it down to the first floor simplifies the process. This blog explains the dos and don’ts of donating furniture to ensure that you don’t make mistakes that could’ve been easily avoided. It’s also best to hire professional moving services to make your moving experience a hassle-free experience. Smooth Movers have the best operational team in Perth, you can be assured of a quick and smooth transfer of your belongings within no time. How to donate furniture in Perth? Donating furniture in Perth is very easy. There are many organisations like Salvation Army, Friends with Dignity, Good Samaritan and GIVIT that do good for the local community. One of the ways they achieve this is by accepting furniture donations from people who are de-cluttering, moving into a new home or are trying to get rid of old furniture to make room for new ones. All you have to do is find the charity closest to you and either give them a call or fill-up the form on their website to schedule a pick-up. Most of these organisations have a pick-up facility, so you don’t have to worry about transporting heavy couches to their locations. How much does a pick-up cost? Almost all charities that take free furniture offer pick-up facilities absolutely free of cost. All that is expected of donors is that their donations are in good condition, clean, free of tears and animal hair, etc. Some programs ask that the donors make the donation themselves personally if the items are small and easily transportable like household appliances, clothes etc. Bulky items like refrigerators, TV sets and couches are picked up by the organisations themselves, provided they’re clean and are kept in a place that’s easily accessible like the sidewalk outside your house. What can you do to move house/office in an eco-friendly way? If you’re donating old furniture to charity in Perth, you’ve already taken a big step towards making moving interstate or moving locally more earth-friendly and economical. However, there are still more easy things you can do to avoid making decisions that will harm the planet for decades. Packing involves using bubble wrap and plastic packaging that is counted as plastic waste. Opt for sustainable options like newspaper, reusable storage boxes, biodegradable packing peanuts, and also biodegradable wrap. To be fully prepared, you can ask the best removalists in Perth to help you out. We are one of the few environmentally-conscious removalist services in Perth. With a variety of eco-friendly options at hand, Smooth Movers will make sure that your move is as organic as possible. Read our blog to know more about how to make your move earth-friendly apart from furniture donations. We are one of the highest-rated home and office removalists in Perth, with fantastic rates that you won’t find anywhere else. Contact us today to get the best quote for your requirements!

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