Donate Furniture Perth: Moving Out Wiseley

Donate Furniture Perth: Moving Out Wiseley
Moving Out Wisely: Where to Donate Furniture in Perth
Written by Gean Brinker
Removalist Manager & Coordinator

Are you planning to move out? Instead of dumping your used furniture, how about donating it to someone in need?

Give your beloved furniture a second life while helping a family by donating old furniture to charity. You will do good for someone else, reduce landfill waste, and lessen your moving out expenses.

The act of donating something is a rewarding feeling. Statistics show that a lot of Australians give their money or belongings every year. Take a look at these statistics:

An estimated 14.9 million Australian adults (80.8%) gave in total $12.5 billion to charities and NFP organizations over 12 months in 2015-16. The average donation was $764.08, and the median donation is $200.  –

Getting the Help that You Need to Move out

You’ll be surprised to know that moving companies don’t cost much as compared to hauling all your things on your own. You will even save more by keeping your furniture safe and scratch-free. You’ll have less stress and less panic since you know that all your possessions are in good hands. To be fully prepared, you can ask the best removalists in Perth to help you out.

Why Donate Furniture to Charity in Perth?

Move out without stress by donating your bulky items. You’ll have less stuff to move around and fewer expenses on moving out.

Not every furniture that you have right now will go with you to the next location. Most likely, you will have some bulky items that must be disposed of. If that’s the case, your best option is to sell them. But if selling your furniture isn’t an option, then you can donate them instead. There are lots of non-profits that do furniture collection services in the Perth area. Some even offer sofas and bed donation pickup services at a zero cost.

List of Places Accepting Furniture Donation in Perth

#1 – GIVIT – Goods for Goods Causes

GIVIT is one example of an excellent non-profit organization in Perth and all-around Australia. They fight poverty by helping the impoverished, the marginalized, and the vulnerable. They’ll help you to donate furniture to charity and arrange pickup at the same time. They have a list of items that they regularly accept; you can find it on their website.

#2 – Salvos

Salvos accept charity furniture collection in Perth and all around Australia. They even made it easy to donate. Just book a collection appointment through their website, and they’ll gladly pick up your items. They usually accept both small and bulky items. What’s good about Salvos is that 100% of their in-store profit goes to the Salvation Army, where they help more impoverished people.

#3 – Anglicare WA

Anglicare WA is another local non-profit organization that accepts donations like bulky furniture (such as bed and frames), clothes, and other household items. You can drop off your contribution to their Op shops or have your furniture collected at your convenience.

#4 – Starting Over Support

This non-profit organization assists families and individuals after escaping crises. These families typically have no shelter or refuge. Starting Over Support helps these people by providing them with furniture, household appliance, and essential items. They have a list of things that they are currently accepting. You can call them or look for that list on their website.

#5 – Buy Nothing Project

Buy Nothing Project is an online social movement that has local groups all around Australia and the world. To date, the campaign has attracted communities from over 30 countries. Buy Nothing Project started as a free recycling platform where people can get stuff for free. Since then, the platform evolved into a community of people who value abundance. Buy Nothing Project is all about sharing and creative collaboration. To participate, find your local Buy Nothing Project group on Facebook. Do this to meet new people in your area that could benefit from your furniture donation. Who knows, you may also meet new friends!

#5 – Friends with Dignity

Friends with Dignity is a national charity helping families and people who are victims of domestic violence. The program works by gifting unconditionally. They are actively encouraging people to participate and donate in any way they can. Aside from furniture, they also accept linens, towels, sheets, kitchen cutlery, and laundry items. To donate, simply visit their website.


While it may be painful to part ways with your old furniture for charity, this is inevitable. That said, moving on and donating something that you value is a rewarding experience. It feels refreshing to see that you only need to haul a few items while moving house. Aside from helping someone by donation, you’ll unload your heavy baggage and make a fresh start.

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