Where to Get Moving Boxes

Where to Get Moving Boxes
Ultimate Guide on Where to Get Moving Boxes in Australia
Written by Gean Brinker
Removalist Manager & Coordinator

Moving home is a big deal and there is a lot to think about. Most people have one or multiple moving lists to remind themselves of what has been done, and what still needs doing. One of the big hassles of it all is the packing, and for that you need boxes. When you are looking for boxes for moving house you have more options than you might first think. Packing your things in boxes is not something you should leave to the last minute. It takes a lot longer than you might think. It also takes a lot more cardboard boxes for moving than you might think!

To find moving boxes you could look at buying them, you could look at cheap options or even free options, or you could choose the rental option. Which option you go for, or perhaps you choose a mix, depends on your budget and how much time you have. Anyone can buy boxes for moving house, there are a number of places to buy them from, but finding cheap and free ones takes a little more planning to build up the numbers you need. One big consideration comes down to what items you are moving. For example, if you are moving house with plants, you might need special boxes that offer extra protection and adequate space. If you are moving a washing machine, you will need other tools. But worry not. In this guide, you’ll find various top tips on finding the best moving boxes.

So if you are looking at where to get moving boxes here are some useful tips to help guide you.

Where to buy moving boxes?

Where to Buy Moving Boxes

Buying the boxes is less time consuming and an easier option, which sometimes is needed during this otherwise busy time. You can buy moving boxes from removalists, and if you are using one yourself, it is well worth asking them what they offer with regards to packing material & providing moving boxes. Some companies will lower the prices on their boxes if you are using them to move with, or even offer some for free. Some also will buy back used boxes so you can get back some of the costs. If you have time to go collect that will save money, or having them delivered often involves a small delivery fee.

When buying boxes you should choose corrugated cardboard if you need them to be more durable, and buy in bulk to get better discounts. How much do moving boxes cost varies depending on where you buy from. Some options are;

Where to get cheap moving boxes?

Where to Get Cheap Moving Boxes

When moving is already an expensive, especially when moving interstate, it makes sense that some people want to look for cheaper options than just buying them. Others even opt for a garage sale in Perth to declutter and earn some cash. It is estimated by packing experts that a 2 bedroom apartment will need between 35 to 50 boxes. You are looking at a cost of at least $150 just for boxes if you buy from the typical shops or moving companies. If you want to avoid the time-consuming process of collecting free boxes but still need to find options for cheap moving boxes take a look at the suggestions below.

  • Gumtree – as well as seeing listings from moving companies there are other options too– a great place Australians can go for great deals on all kinds of things including moving materials
  • Facebook Market Place – this is growing in success as more people see the advantages of using it to sell things they no longer need and to find great bargains close to them
  • Amazon – can be a good way to find deals when you are looking to shop from home
  • eBay – another online option where you can scroll through business sites as well as people selling second-hand items, just make sure the boxes are in good condition
  • Cheap Cardboard Boxes – it says it all in the name, cheap boxes from half the price of other shops and stores

Where to get free moving boxes?

Where to get free moving boxes

What is better than finding cheap boxes? Finding free boxes of course! Getting them free takes a bit more time and action from you though. So you save on money but have to spend some time collecting from many options until you achieve the number you think you will need. Quick tip, you always need more than you think so then get a few more! Here are some places to look for where to pick up moving boxes at no cost.

  • Ask your big retailers nearby if they have any boxes they can give you. Most are happy to let people take them off their hands. Many large retailers, such as The Good Guys and the like have a pickup area in the back of the building. It might be a good start to ask the guys from the warehouse first because that’s where all the boxes are stored and discarded.
  • Some retailers flatten their boxes and then leave them behind the shop so check it out.
  • Leave a message on your Facebook page and people can spread the word for you that you need boxes.
  • Check on Locanto or Stereo and other classifieds websites, sometimes there is a free section that includes boxes.
  • Join local community groups and ask if anyone has boxes they don’t need anymore.
  • If you are moving a lot of books you might want to ask at some local book shops as they will have boxes that were strong enough you could use.
  • Local schools may have a lot of boxes from all those books and resources they need.
  • Ask your friends and family, it can save you a lot of time if some people do their own collections for boxes and then bring them to you, or you can go collect them.

Where to hire moving boxes and crates?

Where to hire moving boxes

Now you might not have heard of this but you can choose to hire moving boxes and crates rather than buy them. It is a nice hassle-free option where you choose the company you hire from and they deliver what you need, and then pick them up when they are empty. Not only do you not have to go out hunting for them, but you also are not left with a bunch of empty boxes you are wondering what to do with! It is very easy, go to the site, order what you need, have them delivered by a certain date and have them picked up to 3 months later giving you time to properly unpack. Examples of hire companies are;

Closing Words

When looking for packing boxes for moving you have options depending on the time you have and the money you have. There is no one way to do it, and you could even mix it up, buy a few, get some free or however you want to do it. When you are moving it is important to not overfill boxes and get ones that can handle the moving process. Above is a great start on where to get moving boxes. Good luck with the move.

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